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ADVANCED dental education in a state-OF-THE-art facility

Designed by Dr. Monik Vasant, a general dentist with a 20-year track record in general practice, our courses offer the perfect blend of the latest knowledge coupled with an easy-to-follow, predictable workflow honed over years of clinical practice.

Our institute's primary mission is to improve the lives of dentists and dental therapists by enhancing their clinical confidence, expertise, and knowledge through our courses.

Explore our comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide array of clinical subjects, from concise short courses to in-depth Level 7 diploma programs specialising in minimally invasive restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

The visionary behind our institution, Dr. Monik Vasant, is recognised for his expertise in minimally invasive restorative and aesthetic dentistry

GLOBAL FAMILY OF 5000 alumni

We've successfully trained and enriched the skills of over 5000 dental professionals worldwide through in-person sessions, reaching several thousand more through virtual training and international congress lectures.

Situated in central London, our institute has welcomed delegates from around the globe. Our flagship Totally Composite Course is held in London, while outside the city, we take it on tour as TC ON TOUR, having been conducted in over 14 countries.

Even upon completion of our programs, our alumni continue networking through various virtual and in-person events, ensuring a lasting bond with our institute.

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Begin your journey into minimally invasive dentistry with our range of courses designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge. Explore foundational programs focusing on core principles and techniques, followed by advanced diplomas that provide deeper insights into minimally invasive practices. Our comprehensive educational offerings ensure you're equipped with the expertise needed for exceptional patient care. Start your career path with us today and pave the way for fulfilling journey in dentistry.


Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our previous delegates have to say

“What Tom Ford has brought to fashion is the equivalent of what Monik Vasant has brought to dentistry, pure class! Thank you Monik for your whole hearted efforts over this brilliant year and ensuring that we all succeed in our career.”

Dr Aamir Vaghela

“Having also done the Totally composite and maestro courses I think Monik just gets it; his passion for making sure each delegate feels confident to ‘believe in the bond’ is incredible; pulling together a great line up of clinicians to deliver an all encompassing programme that, by the end of it, has changed my mindset in how I approach my dentistry. The added bonus I’ve made friends from across the country and love catching up each month! I wish it was a 5 year programme!”

Dr Chris Ball

“Monik’s work seemed magical and impossible however in 2 days he showed that we too can achieve that magic.”

Dr Simrun Seyal

“I judge the quality of a course by the amount of applicable tips I gain that I can apply. Totally composite has by far exceeded my expectations- I have never gained so much from a course and it will change my daily practice. I would highly recommend it, no matter what your level of experience. Monik is a world class speaker - very engaging with incredible knowledge.”

Dr Amy Harper

“Having done several composite courses by the big names, I can say this is the one I learnt the most from”

Dr Stephen Hudson

“Excellent balance of theory and hands-on and a completely unbiased critique on systems and materials.”

Dr Dan O’Connor

I think anyone working in our profession would benefit from Monik’s knowledge and experience and couldn’t help but be inspired by his presenting style.

Dr Micheal Maguire

This has increased my confidence and skill sets to tackle bigger cases and also to be able to deliver on those cases. This has been a fantastic course, and I have improved my dentistry tenfold as well as gaining job satisfaction with the work I am completing.

Jack Slaymaker

Dr Monik is incredible. The best in the game and a lifetime mentor.

Rhona Eskander

Just want to say thank you very much for this wonderful course which has given me so much confidence and a very productive year. Monik you are simply the best in the business!!!

Roopa Shrishyladharamurhty

This is a life changing year. I started this year as a predominantly NHS dentist who has now become a partner in a private practice. This course gave me the confidence and skill set to take my career to the next level. Monik and the team have had a huge impact on my career path. I will be forever grateful. If you’re looking for a course to transform your career, this is it.

Graham Mark Lister

Absolutely transformational year. My income has more than doubled but I am a better dentist, I enjoy my job more and feel every aspect of my career has improved. The course was delivered in a very comprehensive way. It was not overly complicated yet not patronising either. I am so grateful to the whole team. The best investment of my career!

Geeta Mahtani

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Monik and all the Team as well as the individual lecturers. The amount that I have learned has been immense and I recommend Monik to all my colleagues and fellow associates. Monik delivers the content in a really simple and fun way which makes it more digestible and is extremely approachable. Since doing the course I feel so much more confident and I enjoy all the work I do. Thank you!

Anna Najran

What can I say other than a totally career changing, totally amazing, totally unbelievable course which has transformed my day to day practice. Since starting Totally Aesthetics I have started to be able to provide cosmetic dentistry full time and have become a speaker in my own right through the skills and confidence I have gained from the programme. A totally awesome course with the most amazing team and mentor I could ever have asked for.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Incredible year of learning. Each day was packed with so much material and learning. Monik is a fantastic teacher and since doing Totally Aesthetics my dentistry has improved massively. If you're looking to upskill in aesthetic dentistry then look no further than this course.

Drew Winstanley

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