Posterior Maestro

One-day follow-up programme to the Totally composite course, focusing on advanced composite work. The course is intended to reinforce previous skills and build upon them to take the delegate's composite work to the next level. The programme is predominantly practical in nature. The anterior course has a large focus on multiple unit complex anterior work and smile makeovers.

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Achieve an average 100% increase in monthly private earnings

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Develop expertise in aesthetic dentistry, leading to more complex and rewarding dental cases

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Open new professional doors and elevate your career in the competitive dental industry

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Dr. Sarah Johnson
Dental Specialist, Fresh Dental Institute
Dr. Mark Davis
Orthodontist, Fresh Dental Institute
Dr. Emily Thompson
Periodontist, Fresh Dental Institute
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Our course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in dental procedures. Covering a wide range of topics, this course is perfect for dental professionals looking to enhance their expertise. With a focus on practical application, participants will learn the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Topics Covered:

- Dental anatomy and physiology

- Oral hygiene and preventive dentistry

- Restorative dentistry

- Endodontics

- Periodontics

- Orthodontics

- Oral surgery

- Dental radiology

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the fundamental principles of dental care

- Develop proficiency in dental procedures

- Enhance patient communication and education

- Stay updated with the latest advancements in dentistry

Upcoming Dates:

- September 15-17, 2022

- November 10-12, 2022

Course Format:

- In-person sessions

- Hands-on workshops

- Case studies and discussions

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Course Content

  • Overview of the latest posterior materials and their use
  • Detailed posterior morphology 
  • Advanced posterior isolation
  • Choosing the right matrix 
  • Margin elevation techniques
  • Freehand build ups
  • Laboratory communication
  • Replacing missing cusps
  • Class V’s
  • Finishing posteriors 
  • Over 7 hours practical in this advanced technical course  (one day course)

Fees & Payment Information

Flexible payment options available. A deposit will be required in order to secure your place.

Course Content & Dates

Course Information

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What Our Students Say

“Having completed the totally composite course back in 2017 I found the maestro a great refresher which helped me overcome technical problems I had. Monik is always coming up with new techniques so it is a great to stay up to date with these, learn about current materials that work and ultimately give a better clinical outcome. High recommend the course!”

Dr Rachel Liu

“This course is essential for anyone who has completed totally composite and looking for the next step. The advanced theory and practical work will take your composite work to a whole new level. The best course yet.”

Dr George Hopkin

“The maestro brings together everything from Totally Composite and more. The course is predominantly hands on which means you get you really iron out things you may have been struggling with in practice on a daily basis! Great course!”

Dr Bijal Sisodia-Shah

“The maestro course is great for anyone who wants to build on what they learnt on the Totally Composite course, and refine their composites to achieve even more. A really useful hands on day which has helped me build my confidence immensely.”

Dr Farah Rajabali

“Following totally composite my skills to address anterior teeth increased immensely. However, I became aware of a demand for even better results. There would be only a few ways to address this; practice, but practice with direction. I knew I needed time to intensely practice anterior work to understand the finer details and improve speed a repeatability. Maestro enabled all of this, an intense day course with no nonsense feedback to really push you forward as a clinician. By the end of the day I understood more, improved speed and results. There is always more to learn but maestro makes a leap in correct direction.”

Dr Richard Ellingham

“I came across Monik’s work on social media and it was so amazing that I came all the way from Hawaii to figure out just what he was doing. The protocols and techniques he taught were amazing and will change my composite game for good.”

Dr Jonathan Thomas

“This course should be compulsory for all dentists!"

Dr Virinder S Nazran

I think anyone working in our profession would benefit from Monik’s knowledge and experience and couldn’t help but be inspired by his presenting style.

Dr Micheal Maguire

The best composite course I’ve been on to date and I’ve done them all. Whether you have been qualified 20+ years like myself or newly qualified, it provides the perfect mix of science, real world application and tips to transform dentistry in your practice.

Dr Justin Glaister

A huge thank you to Monik and his team! What he has created is something totally unique, I will miss the TA9 family but have taken so much from the course. It has transformed me from a NHS dentist with doing a few private cases to virtually a fully private dentist so my utmost appreciation and thanks to Monik and Totally Aesthetics!

Imran Nisar

This course changed my approach to every step of dentistry and gave me the confidence I needed to both suggest treatment plans and perform them. It has given me a much greater job satisfaction and I hope given me greater prospects for the future, alongside meeting like minded colleagues from around the country.

Emily Painter

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One-day follow-up programme to the Totally composite course, focusing on advanced composite work. The course is intended to reinforce previous skills and build upon them to take the delegate's composite work to the next level. The programme is predominantly practical in nature. The anterior course has a large focus on multiple unit complex anterior work and smile makeovers.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our courses.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any dentist or dental therapist who has completed our Totally Composite course and is looking to advance their techniques with Anterior composite.

Do I need to bring anything for the course?

We recommend that you bring your loupes if you have them but not essential for the course.

What are the requirements for doing the course?

You will need to have previously completed our 2-day Totally Composite course to enrol in this follow-up programme.

Why do you need to do Totally Composite before Anterior or Posterior Maestro?

Our Totally Composite course is our introductory course which is mandatory to be able to complete any others. Everything you do on both Anterior and Posterior Maestro are more advanced and will relate back heavily to the Totally Composite course.

Do I need to have done Totally Aesthetics or Totally Therapist before this course?

We have now made things easier by combining our maestro courses and our extended Totally Aesthetics and Totally Therapist programmes. If you are interested in getting your diploma, you will not need to do Anterior or Posterior maestro separately. Equally you can do these as stand alone courses after completing the Totally Composite course.

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