Totally Therapist

Our comprehensive 10-day programme is spread over 6 months for dental therapists. This course contains all assessments associated with the Diploma in Aesthetic Dental Therapy.

Double Your Earnings

Achieve an average 100% increase in monthly private earnings

Elevate Your Skills

Develop expertise in aesthetic dentistry, leading to more complex and rewarding dental cases

Advance Your Career

Open new professional doors and elevate your career in the competitive dental industry

Learn from industry experts and gain valuable CPD hours

Dr. Sarah Johnson
Dental Specialist, Fresh Dental Institute
Dr. Mark Davis
Orthodontist, Fresh Dental Institute
Dr. Emily Thompson
Periodontist, Fresh Dental Institute
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Our course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in dental procedures. Covering a wide range of topics, this course is perfect for dental professionals looking to enhance their expertise. With a focus on practical application, participants will learn the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Topics Covered:

- Dental anatomy and physiology

- Oral hygiene and preventive dentistry

- Restorative dentistry

- Endodontics

- Periodontics

- Orthodontics

- Oral surgery

- Dental radiology

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the fundamental principles of dental care

- Develop proficiency in dental procedures

- Enhance patient communication and education

- Stay updated with the latest advancements in dentistry

Upcoming Dates:

- September 15-17, 2022

- November 10-12, 2022

Course Format:

- In-person sessions

- Hands-on workshops

- Case studies and discussions

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Totally Composite 2-day course MUST be done first, the remaining courses can be completed in any sequence 

A structured 7-day programme designed to give the clinical and non-clinical skills required to perform high-level minimally invasive restorative & aesthetics dental therapy.

Designed to build on skills gained in the Totally Composite courses, covering all other aspects of modern-day comprehensive dentistry. The course includes evidence-based theory, significant practicals (including phantom head), constant mentoring, and significant online resources. Assessments for the Diploma in Aesthetic Dental Therapy are carried out during this programme for those wishing to achieve the award. The aim is to not only give the knowledge and technical skills but also to provide the soft skills to be successful in practice.


There is a prerequisite of having attended the Totally Composite course, prior to joining the Totally Therapist course, to ensure everyone is at the same level to enable us to build on it at a rapid pace.

Reserve your space on our Totally Therapist course by signing up with an upfront deposit.

Fees & Payment Information

Flexible payment option available.

Total Course Fee: £5,900 VAT inclusive

Deposit: £800 VAT inclusive (Please note that this is a non-refundable deposit)

Payment Terms: 4 instalments (£1,275 VAT inc)

Course Schedule

September 2024 intake for Totally Therapist 6-month Diploma.


Please note that if you wish to register for the Diploma, you will have to pay a registration fee of £295 (inc.VAT) your assessments will then be sent off to our awarding body to be externally marked, verified, and then awarded.

To achieve the Diploma you will need to complete the following:

  • 2-day Totally Composite Course
  • Totally Therapist 5-month course
  • All assessments on the online platform

Course Content & Dates


To learn how to conduct the perfect patient interaction

  • Learn the importance of the first impression
  • The structure
  • The five principles of the perfect examination
  • Conducting the perfect examination
  • Workflows for different situations
  • Time and appointment
  • The art of patient communication
  • Reducing barriers
  • How to overcome objections
  • Presenting your findings in the perfect way
  • Understand fee setting
  • Know your numbers- fee setting
  • Marketing

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: A, B, C


To learn how to conduct the perfect patient interaction


  • Introduction to photography
  • Camera settings
  • Taking intra-oral, extra-oral and artistic portrait photographs
  • Working with software and apps to create beautiful presentations, videos and literature to showcase your work
  • Understanding how to use social media to let patients see what you do

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: A, C

Required delegate items:

  • Photography Equipment List to be sent in the introduction email

To give the knowledge on how to design a beautiful smile and cover the latest developments in tooth whitening


  • The components of an ideal smile
  • Smile design theories
  • Anterior morphology
  • Traditional smile design
  • Introduction to facially driven treatment planning and the Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept
  • Lab communication
  • Wax-up techniques
  • Digital vs analogue techniques
  • Aetiology of discolouration
  • Extrinsic or intrinsic
  • Managing extrinsic discolouration
  • Non-vital whitening techniques
  • Vital tooth whitening techniques
  • Managing the single discoloured tooth
  • Managing Sensitivity

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: C


To understand occlusion and learn how to manage tooth wear


  • Learn the key principles of occlusion
  • Occlusal terminology
  • Finding and recording centric relation
  • When to use centric relation
  • When to work confirmative and when reorganised
  • Face-bows how to do, including practical
  • Articulators and when we use them
  • Laboratory communication and diagnostic wax-up
  • The aetiology of wear and its diagnosis and management
  • Minimally invasive rehabilitation
  • Guided composites practical
  • Splints

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: C

Required delegate items:

  • Loupes and headlights
To give the knowledge and skills to provide the finest care in paediatric dentistry


  • Understanding the developing dentition
  • Examining the paediatric patient
  • Child radiography
  • Managing the phobic child
  • Administering local anaesthesia
  • Treatment techniques
  • Exodontia

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: C

Required delegate items:

  • Loupes and headlights


To perfect the skills and knowledge in periodontal assessment, diagnosis & treatment planning. To enhance the skills and knowledge in managing periodontal disease


  • The anatomy of the periodontium and peri-implant tissues
  • Contemporary Aetiology of Periodontal Disease
  • The periodontal examination and classification
  • Diagnosing periodontal disease and peri-implant disease
  • Perfect baseline indices and records
  • Influence of medical history
  • Consent for the periodontal patient
  • Understanding when to refer
  • Treatment Planning Strategies and Case Discussion
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Hand scaling vs ultrasonics
  • Adjunctive therapies
  • Practical sessions using the latest equipment
  • Use of polishing techniques
  • Use of lasers
  • Understanding of Aesthetic Periodontal surgery and how it can enhance your aesthetic cases
  • Maintaining dental implants
  • Monitoring and maintaining the periodontal patient

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: C

Required delegate items:

  • Loupes and headlights
  • Tunic if preferred, apron provided

To understand how to treat tooth wear and/or perform composite veneers using fully guided placement techniques

  • Laboratory communication and diagnostic wax-up
  • Dahl technique
  • Guided vs freehand composite veneers
  • The mock up
  • Comparing guided placement techniques
  • Guided Smile Makeover practical
  • Finishing and polishing

Enhanced CPD high-level learning outcomes: C

Required delegate items:

  • Loupes and headlights

Course Information

Your Expert Instructor


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What Our Students Say

“It’s really special to have someone as gifted and experienced share his tips, tricks and expertise. It was awesome. Essential for any dentist. One of the best educations out there. Seriously….sign up now! You’’ll be amazed what you achieve”.

Dr Laura O’Sullivan

“This course has completely changed the benchmark of the dentistry I aspire to be able to practice. It was enlightening and his expertise of composites cannot be overstated.”

Dr Navin Sivanandam

“Absolutely brilliant! Worth every penny! Honestly a life changing course”

Dr Magdelena Rybak

“Having done several composite courses by the big names, I can say this is the one I learnt the most from”

Dr Stephen Hudson

“The best course I’ve been on. The tips and tricks alone are enough to transform your dentistry. Amazing aspect. Aimed perfectly at the GDP”

Dr Mani Reehal

“Excellent balance of theory and hands-on and a completely unbiased critique on systems and materials.”

Dr Dan O’Connor

This is a life changing year. I started this year as a predominantly NHS dentist who has now become a partner in a private practice. This course gave me the confidence and skill set to take my career to the next level. Monik and the team have had a huge impact on my career path. I will be forever grateful. If you’re looking for a course to transform your career, this is it.

Graham Mark Lister

The course was a game changer. All of the complex aspects of modern private dentistry have been presented in an easy-to-implement way. I highly recommend the course to everyone who wants to become a better and more confident dentist.

Michal Gwizdala

Absolutely transformational year. My income has more than doubled but I am a better dentist, I enjoy my job more and feel every aspect of my career has improved. The course was delivered in a very comprehensive way. It was not overly complicated yet not patronising either. I am so grateful to the whole team. The best investment of my career!

Geeta Mahtani

Fabulous year course, full of great tips and tricks. I would recommend the course to any dentist at any stage of their career. Thank you very much again for helping me become a better practitioner. I have increased my confidence and learned so much about assessments and what cases I can take on.

Claudia Stanley

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Our comprehensive 10-day programme is spread over 6 months for dental therapists. This course contains all assessments associated with the Diploma in Aesthetic Dental Therapy.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our courses.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any dental therapist who has completed our Totally Composite course and would like to complete our Post-Graduate Diploma programme.

Do I need to bring anything for the course?

We will email you a month in advance before every course day to let you know exactly what is required for you to bring for that specific course and everything else we provide for you!

What are the requirements for doing the course?

You will need to be a fully registered and qualified dental therapist to be eligible to enrol. You must also have completed our Totally Composite course before you can enrol on this course.

When is the right time to do the Totally Aesthetics course?

This can be done at any time after completing Totally Composite. Some of our delegates start straight away and others join us up to months/years later. It really depends on when is the right time for you in your career!

What are the outcomes I can expect after doing the course?

You will officially receive a Level 7 Post-Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dental Theraps which is certified by the examination board EduQual.

Do I have to be a UK resident to be able to do the course?

Not at all, we have plenty of dental therapists that come from all over Europe and beyond to do the course. If you think you need a visa to attend our courses, we recommend you get in touch with us by email and we will be more than happy to help..

Still have questions?

Contact us for further assistance.

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